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NAIP R&D Priorities


The NAIP R&D priorities are in agreement with the broad objectives of the project which have been set to match also the national and sectoral priorities. However, the NAIP will encourage creative local level needs and priority identification on the basis of systematic need assessments under the overall broad priorities set for the NAIP.  In fact the actual sub-projects supported by NAIP may integrate in a systems mode the various priority areas to meet local level requirements.
The NAIP therefore, will not predefine the specific research projects that it wishes to pursue in the components 2, 3 and 4 but will allow the agenda to evolve from the bottom through the competitive process that will guide the resource allocation. The thrust areas discussed below are merely indicative of what the NAIP sub-projects may address. These areas are the national and sectoral level priorities as reflected in the National Agricultural Policy and the Tenth Five-Year Plan of India (2002-07), including its Mid-Term Appraisal Report, and several consultations held with a wide array of stakeholders as a part of project concept note preparation. Some specific guiding examples on possible sub-projects for the Components 2 and 4 have been provided in subsequent chapters.