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Component 1: ICAR as the Catalyzing Agent for the Management of Change in the Indian NARS


In the context of the emerging Indian agricultural research system, the limited ability of partners to interact and transact with each other was identified as a key constraint to streamlining the generation and use of new knowledge. This led to the choice of the “consortium” (i.e. an often public/private partnership of service providers that collaboratively addresses production systems constraints) as the principal modality for project implementation in components 2, 3, and 4. In support of these other NAIP components, Component 1 will allow the ICAR and the SAUs to strengthen their role as the catalyzing agents of the system by strengthening their information, communication and dissemination capacity, business planning and development knowledge, skills in using new learning and capacity building models, policy analysis, visioning, market intelligence analysis, and ability to remodel financial and procurement systems suitable to a changing and performing organization.